Miami Kiln Service repairs all brands both electric and gas, hobbyist and commercial kilns in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Palm Beach.

Services we provide:
• Diagnostic services/troubleshooting/evaluations
• Kiln repair for ceramics or glass kilns (both gas and electric)
• Kiln tutorials (basic operation, safety, component identification, maintenance, & custom    programming)
• Ventilation setup
• Consultations/recommendations on new or used kiln purchases
• Pottery wheel diagnostics and repair
• Slab roller repair
• General studio setup

We will give a thorough evaluation of your kiln, tell you what’s wrong with it, give you an estimate, and with your approval make the necessary repairs.

We also give tutorials on how to fire your kiln, how to properly maintain it, and how to practice kiln safety.  We’ll explain what each part is and what it does, so you understand how it operates.
That digital kiln you have, does it operate on a Skutt, Cress, Bartlett, or Orton controller?  We can teach you how to take advantage of its features so you can program your own firings.

Thinking of buying a kiln?  If you’re planning on purchasing a kiln, but you’re unsure of what to get, we can make recommendations based on what we’ve found to be more reliable and user friendly in my experience.  You can also consult me regarding kiln setup, ventilation, proper power supply, and kiln placement in your desired space.

Thinking of selling a kiln?  If you have a used kiln you’re thinking of selling and need an idea of how much to price it, we can inspect and suggest a practical price based on its condition and the replacement parts needed.

Each kiln we service begins with a thorough evaluation (like a patient going for an examination before an operation)
You’ll find we charge less than any professional kiln service in the area.  We charge hourly for the work done onsite and for travel.

We are located in Ft Lauderdale, central to the tri-county area that we service, but we’re willing to travel and have as far as New York City for servicing and installation. Feel free to contact us with questions on pricing.